Free from login template : Copy twenty five. Free responsiv side bar menu using bootstrap 4.0 and jquery. Copy twelve A free menu for a website, responsive with all resolutions such as mobile, PC, and tablet. The ergonomics management of this menu is execptionnel, whose display is dynamic depending on the device. The menu is composed by menu item and sub menu item, which you can modify and adapt it to your needs. Ex: add new menu item or delete, edit sub menu item. The menu is develop using jquery and bootstrap 4.0. Download the free template on the github site, and test a demo version on the website.

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Library Integration

To develop the form we will use the following libraries:

Make form login layout

make form login layout: our template is simple but we must first develop the layout. RQ: the form is implementer with the 4.0 bootstrap framework

Formatted css

formatted css: