Free form login && subscriotion using card layout. Copy fifteen The use of the pagination card layout system for the display management of a login form and a subscription form, makes your authentication page more optimized, and more ergonomic. In our template you can integrate your system to your website for free. Subsequently you find with our template, two forms one is a login form and the second is a subscription form. The login form is composed by an input user name and an input password, and in addition you find with the login form two link one to remember me, and the other to forget password and a button of the submit. The subscription form is a basic can, but are more functional in certain use cases. It is composed by an input fisrt name, an input last name, an input phone number, an input location address and an input date of Birth. The template is responsiv with all the resolution such as, mobile, tablet and PC. Test a free version on the website, download the full version on the github site

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