Free index page for a blog web site with responsiv web design. Copy three You have the change to find here an index page for a web site blog, responsiv with all mobile resolution, tablet and PC, develop with technologies jquery and bootstrap. Our template is a real index page for a professional blog. It composes by a bare of navigation and a site bare left for the management of the site map of your site and that you can modify it and adapt it to your needs. In the third part you find an image of the backgood at the header level for a better formatting of your website. The core of the page is compose by a left nav for the personal information of the author, the display of the recent articles, the information of the contact, and a form of the login. The second part of the core of the index page is the newspaper, the use of the journal system is a new user experience to use in all modern website such as facebook, twitter. and in the end you find a right nav that contains a search box, list of links, and information about the facebook page, twitter and the youtube channel of your blog. Finally download the free template on the site github, to test a demo version on the website

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