Free index page for a business website. Copy four You search with this free template an index page for a business website. our index page is composed by 3 main element responsiv and develop by the language css, html and jquery. The first component is the bare of navigation, our navigation bare is composed by menu item and sub menu item whose display is dynamic according to the placement of the mouse on one of the item menu. find six menu item, and in general each menu item posede 5 sub menu item, if you need to adapt the display management of the menu whatever the development css of the menu or whose grid management, our menu is maintainable you have the hand to adapt it to your needs. We also find a compsont that he finds in the business index pages, it is the description of the site in the format of a big picture, a title, a small description and two buttons. Finally the page contains a view dynamic list for displaying the item services. free download the anci test demo template on

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