Free Upload files template with scroll bar. Copy three you find in several upload files templates, each template has its characteristics. With this template you find a free upload files that allows you to upload files of different types [png, pdf, word ...], while displaying the uploader file in a list views that contains the file type, the name the file and the size of the file. The template has a mobile version, downloadable free on github, you can test a demo version on the

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Library Integration

To develop the form we will use the following libraries:

Make upload file template layout

make upload file template layout: our template is composed of the three main element, the menu, the file uploader, and the list view for displaying the uploaded file. we use the bootstrap grid system for the layout

Formatted css

formatted css: after we implement our template, we will now add the css styles

Javascript step

javascript step: the file upload management anci the display in the list view requiring event programming, by Jquery and javascript