Free index page for a blog web site: Copy Two. A free responsiv index page for a blog website, including a menu, a nav bar left for blog site description, a right nav that contains a search box and a list of recent articles. You find an implementation of a newspaper for displaying the list of articles in your blog, the newspaper system makes your site more ergonomic. Each article is composed by a title, an image, a description and again a link read more and the date anci the category of the article. Download the template on the github site and test the template on the website

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Library Integration

To develop the form we will use the following libraries:

Make index page layout

Make index page: our index page is a complex one, it is composed by several elements, including the menu, the left nav, the right nav, and still the newspaper system. We follow a method of development methodical, we will start with the layout

Formatted css

formatted css: after the implementation of our index page, we will now format the template

Javascript development

javascript development: Our index page is responsiv, and we need a javascript code for this need