Free menu template bootstrap. Copy six. download and test a free responsiv web menu, compatible with all resolution devices. Our menu is compsée by six elemen, dashord, productes, services, news, profile, users. Once you find sub menu item, each sub menu item contains its own description to give an ergonomic user experience. You can adapt the template to your needs and follow the implementation guide with the template. the template download is secure with the github site.

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Library Integration

To develop the form we will use the following libraries:

Make menu layout

make menu layout: the menu is composed by a mobile version and standar version whose layout is managed by the system of bootstarp 4.0

Formatted css

formatted css: the formatting of our menu including the style of the menu in the mobile version and the standard version will use the system of the css media query for the display of the menu in several résoution.

Javascript development

javascript development: after having implemented the static part of our menu, we will now develop the javascript event that will give our template a dynamic asper.