Free index page for a business web site. etc: Copy one Business-type websites are websites that offer one or more computer services that are free or paid. it is the best solution for money on the internet. we talk about the development of a business site, the first page that must be developed soon is the index page. A good index page has a part for contact information, a menu for navigation ergonomics, a slider for displaying services in image format, etc. You find in this template a real index page for a business website, you can download it for free on github

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Library Integration

To develop the form we will use the following libraries:

Contact menu developpement

Contact menu developpement: So now, we will begin the implementation of our template by developing the contact menu in which we display the phone number, the email address and the website of our business website

Navigation menu developpement

navigation menu developpement: now, we will give to our index page an ergonomic navigation by the development of a menu responsiv using bootstrap

Slider developpement

slider developpement: Regarding the slider we will develop its static part, it's up to you to energize it

Description of services

description of services: this part is important to give customers an idea about the service of our web business