Download free an index page for a business website, with responsiv webdesign, using jquery plugins, bootstrap, html and bootstrap. Our template is a real index page, easy to integrate into your business website. First of all, you find two bare browsing, one for displaying your contact information, and the second for managing navigation on your site. In a row, you will find a large plant with an image and a small description, so that you can make your business description first. In addition you can list your services in several styles and shapes, using our view template list. Test a demo version on, and download the full version on our github account.

Plant of the guide

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

Prerequisites: (5)

Before starting this guide, you must already have the following skills:

Part 1: Add, delete, update nav bar item?

with our template you find two bare of navigation. Both bare are develop by nested DIV, so you can add nav item as you like. Both bare of navigation and responsiv with all the resolution.

<body class="container-fluid">
    <header class="row">
        <div class="col-lg">
            <!-- first nav bar -->
            <nav class="container-fluid nav_one">
                 <div class="row">
                    <!-- nav bar item --> 
                    <div class="item">
            <!-- second nav bar -->
            <nav class="container-fluid nav_one">
Part 2: How make your business services layout?

You can do your business description, with a big picture, a title, a little description and a button read more

<body class="container-fluid">
    <!-- business services description -->
    <div class="row business_desc">
                <!-- business image -->
                <div style="
                     background-image: url('img/backgroud_business.png');
                     background-size:  100% 100%
                    <!-- title -->
                        We Are Happy<br/> To Build Your Business Services
                    <!-- description -->
                        make your business service here. you need to make your,
                        business account type, prise, all details here. a short 
                    <input type="button" value="Start now ..."/>