Free index page for a blog web site: Copy one The use of the blog allows you to share your experience in the field that you master. And depending on your community and your blog traffic you can earn money with posting ads on your blog. But before talking on this step forward, you need to develop your blog. For the development of the blog you need several pages like for example you need a good index page. You find here an index page for a blog. You can download the template for free, but if you follow the tutorial you will learn how to develop an index page for a blog

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Library Integration

To develop the form we will use the following libraries:

Menu index blog page

menu index blog page: In the development part we will start with the development of our menu. Our menu will be like role of describing the functionality of our blog. Implement this menu using bootstrap 4.0

Pagination system

pagination system: our paging system aims to offer an ergonomics user experience. To implement it we use a simple div and ul li to display the elements of the page

Right navigation

right navigation: Our right navigation system will aim to present the secondary element for our blog including the list of social media, registration EMAIL NEWSLETTERS, etc.

Article container

Article container: Our index page contains a list view for displaying articles. on this subject we will now develop the template for the display of an article