Learn how to implement a web mail in your web site The use of advanced techniques, are frequently integrated in the web 2.0, for example the web mail. this technique is used to give you the opportunity to send mail through your website without going through a mailing client such as gmail, hotmail and still outlook. In this example you find a free template that you can use to integrate the web mail in your site

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Library Integration

To develop the form we will use the following libraries:

Forms implementation

form implementation: we start the implementation of our web mail by the construction of the form that serves to sendye the email in question

Php 7.0 backend for mail sending

php 7.0 backend for mail sending: In this part we will touch the back-end part which ensures the sending of the email. find with the code a description of how the back-end works. Before starting to implement the back-end you have to download the php library that is used to send emails: it's PHPMailer