Free web form step with card style using jquery free web form step with card style using jquery: If we talk about web 2.0 we talk about widgets move forward. like the steps forms. these are sub-formulants whose display is provided by a step manager. There are several types of step managers, for example the card steps manager. After this short description, you will have how to develop a form of this type, and you can download it for free on github, you can test a demo.

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Library Integration

To develop the form we will use the following libraries:

Forms implementation

form implementation: Our example consists of three forms. The first is the form that contains the firstName data, and the lastName data, the second contains the e-mail data and the age data, the last form contains the password data and the login data.

Implement the form events

Implement the form events: In the previous step, we have developed the three forms. now we have how to implement the events of the step forms