How to develop an index page in 15 minutes How to develop an index page in 15 minutes: The index page is in the first position of the website. And having a good index page is an awesome thing to attract visitors to your website. In this tutorial you find a page index that contains a menu and a modal registration form. Following the complete tutorial you will have how to develop yourself an index page in 15 minutes

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Library Integration

To develop the form we will use the following libraries:

Make menu squelette

make menu squelette: Our menu consists of menus and submenus, to present the activities of a site that offers computer training. We have touched in this part the layout and formatting of the menu

Modal form subscription developpement

modal form subscription developpement: All index pages contain registration forms to give visitors the opportunity to register on the site platform. In our example we have developed a registration form in the form of a modal