Banc form validation with etat pdf generation: it is a form for adding a customer to a database of a bench The registration of the bank client is done on 4 stage:

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Library Integration

To develop the form we will use the following libraries:

Form account implementation

After the integration of the libraries we will implement the form account information

Form personnel information implementation

Form personnel information implementation First name Last name. etc

Form Banc implementation:

Form Banc implementation: After implementing the personal form, we will implement the form of banking information used to record the following banking information: Banc name, Branch Name, Account Name, Account Number, etc.

Confirm user informations:

Confirm user informations: After having implemented all the formulairs, in this part we will display all the results recorded in our formulas, to allow the customers to verify their pre-recorded results.

Field validation

field validation: now we have completed all the registration formulas telques: form, personal account, banc account and confirm account in this part we will touch the part that serves to validate the fields of our formulairs

Implement the steps managers

implement the steps managers: now that we are almost done, we will finally touch the part that is used to develop the steps manager

Implement the steps managers: Jquery Programming

Implement the steps managers: Jquery Programming: nothing special, in this part we go the events that makes our managers dynamic steps